Open communication and transparency - every step of the way.


When embarking upon a large project like building a new home, having confidence in both the team and process is invaluable. Bespoke Designer Homes proudly deliver true transparency and open communication – demystifying the home design and build process.

With decades of experience under our belt, we have a solid reputation as highly ethical and trusted builders. We’ve built-up excellent relationships with quality brands, suppliers and skilled workers to ensure you’ll experience sound advice, a build that runs to schedule, and avoidance of unnecessary additional costs.

From sourcing the ideal block of land, to submitting relevant building applications and making critical design decisions, the Bespoke Designer Homes team will guide you through the home building process with minimal fuss.

You can be assured of our dedication to high quality design and construction.

Our process


We’ll sit down with you to discuss your ideas and aspirations for your new home. Our team will assess options for your land’s shape and surrounds to best determine the type of house you can build. Or if you’re looking for a House and Land package, we’ll evaluate location options. If you’re using your own architect, we’ll review plans to ensure suitability to your land.
Our goal is to create a home that’s perfectly suited to your family, so this stage is a great opportunity to ensure things are right from the start.


Whether you choose a home design from our ready-to-go range, or work with us to create a custom home that’s uniquely your own, our team are committed to bringing to life your vision of your new home. Based on our consultation, we’ll delve into an initial design and continue to consult with you until we achieve a finalised and approved floorplan and site plan.


We’ll carry-out a detailed cost analysis for the project, detailing both your financial commitments and our milestones in a binding contract. The contract will contain up-to-date information about your site, completion dates and specific payment arrangements. You’ll have the opportunity to negotiate on elements of the contract and build, in order to ensure your home is completed within budget.


We’re highly experienced and have great relationships with relevant council authorities. Most new houses require both a planning and building permit from the local council, and our team streamline and simplify this process by preparing and submitting your plans for approval. It’s important to note that council permit approvals typically take between three and nine months.


We’re sure you agree, when it comes to your personal style, it’s all in the detail. Each of our home designs offer at least 3 façade options, so you can select the option that best suits your vision for your home. At this stage you’ll consult with out interior decorator to decide on internal and external colour schemes, fixtures and features.


Your Construction Manager will be in communication with you throughout the build, from pre-construction works, to pouring of the slab, construction of the frame, installing the kitchen and garden landscaping. Many of our clients choose our onsite camera option, so you can watch every stage unfold. You’ll also be invited to visit the site at critical points throughout the build.


Final inspections are conducted to ensure quality control standards are met, and all relevant build completion approvals have been achieved before we handover the keys to your wonderful new home!